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What is Splore?

Splore started as Discord's premier search bot since 2022 - but we're more than just a Discord search bot.

Our mission is to make communities and content from walled gardens platforms more discoverable through search. is currently being built with community builders & content creators in mind. Request early access below to be featured on the site.

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The Splore bot is currently only available for Discord.

With the bot, you'll get access to all the features that'll be available on

Plus, it can do AI & keyword search to find what you're looking for quickly. It also searches public web data inside Discord.

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User testimonials

Highlighting the Splore Discord bot's benefits

"Super interesting idea for a bot. It makes finding information in the server a lot more seamless. If information is not available in the server, then it gives an AI answer. It feels like having Siri straight in discord. Bot works very well and new releases keep coming out too. Dedicated team, easy to use, keep the good work up."


"Pretty neat bot been using for blox trades and makes it easy to find trades"


"Wow, so many benefits to using this bot. As a community manager, it really gets engagement going and as a user, any information is at my fingertips. It is truly a game changer, defo would recommend for every server :)"


"Simple to use the commands and efficient responses, love that its free to use with no subscription needed."


"This bot was able to answer my questions in no time and even did cross-server searches. Love how this bot is free and can do all this. Very helpful!"
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"The best search bot there is out there! Splore can search for anything and everything that you need on Discord. It can give you both AI responses and non-AI responses. Love it."



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What do I need to get started? How can I use Splore?

Firstly, you'll need to be an owner / admin of a Discord server as Splore only works on Discord. In order to download the Splore bot, first check if you have 'Manage Server' permissions in the servers that you are managing. If in doubt, check with the server owner. Then click on 'download bot' at the top of this page.

What does 'early access' to enable me to do?

Getting early access to will enable your community to be exclusively featured on

Is Splore free?

Yes! Splore is completely free of charge.

What is the difference between and the 'Splore bot'? is the website that features content from communities along with the communities themselves. The Splore bot enables you to enable certain features that are only available through For example. you can search anywhere within Discord that has the Splore bot installed.

How is my data protected?

All private data will be strictly protected according to the local regulations and policies in each country Splore operates in. We do not own or use any private or personally identifiable data. Server owners still retain ownership and the full rights to their data according to Discord's standard terms of service.

What is 'Splore score'?

A Splore score is a metric used to track the health of a community determined by 3 criteria: Admin activity, Community activity, Nicheness of the community.

1. Admin activity looks at how actively the admins moderate and manage the community.
2. Server activity looks at how active the community itself is and the freshness & volume of the messages in the channel or platform of the community.
3. Nicheness score looks at how niche or unique a community is, the more niche it is, with more specific content, the higher the score.  

A total of 10 is awarded for communities that perform on all 3 criteria and is determined by a committee of Splore administrators.

The Splore score is updated periodically to reflect updates or changes within the community. We encourage any community to enquire Splore moderators about the Splore score. Join our Discord server to speak to our moderators today:

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